Yekov come from far north and sustain the coldest environments with pride. With pure manliness they will conquer the rest of the puny tribes!

Yekov start with construction.

Yekov spawn rates Edit

20% Mountains

5% Mountains w/ ore

5% Land

40% Land w/ fruit

20% Forest

10% Forest w/ animals

Yekov appearance Edit

Villages: Kremlin-like castles

Mountains: Spiked but rounded at the tip, rugged, dark grey-blue

Forests: Extremely tall beige wood pines with rugged yellow-green leaves.

Land: Yellow-green grass with some melting snow on top, beige dirt.

Fruit: Blueberries

Game: Black bear

Hat: Ushanka

Color: Navy blue

Language (random village name): Sky Tro Ts Nov Iva Vla Dim Tri Cow Mos Burg Du Bro Vl V Ky

Categories: Tribes Fan-made