The Valier live in the orange valleys of Valia. They are orange due to the many leaves that have fallen from the many dead trees in the region. The Valian wear 'Panama Hats' on their heads and wear white shirts with denim overalls. Pumpkins are quite common, and there are no mountains in the region. Instead, there are rolling hills, which are quite uncommon. However, when you find one, it is more likely than not that there is going to be metal located there. Farms are quite common, and pumpkins are equally plentiful. The dead oak trees are the forests of the region, and there are many deer found in them, which are hunted as game. As a result of the many forests, the people have taken advantage of them, chopping them down whenever they get a chance.

The Valier are allies of those who don't frown upon them and are enemies of those who do.

Field: Dark Orange field

Helmet: Panama Hat

Mountain: Light green rounded edition of Imperius mountain, no side peaks

Fruit: Pumpkin

Forest: Dead Oak Trees

Animal: Deer

Color: Dark Orange

Tech: Forestry

Cities: A few two-story houses next to each other, eventually grow into apartments

Description: The Valier live in the orange valleys of Valia. They have found many forests around the area.

Spawn Chances: Forest: 70%, Field: 20%, Mountain:10%,

Resource Spawn Chances: Forest with Game: 90%, Mountain with ore: 90%, Crop Field: 50%, Fruit Field: 30%, Field with game: 10%