TESTTRIBE. description.

The TESTTRIBE start with .

TESTTRIBE spawn rates Edit

0% Mountains

0% Mountains with ore

100% Land

0% Land w/ fruit

0% Forest

0% Forest w/ game

TESTTRIBE appearance Edit

Color: Same as their skin

Hat: None

Villages: Like not captured villages (brown huts) but stacked over like cities.

Mountains: No texture, never spawns

Forests: No texture, never spawns

Land: Like Xin-Xi's and Imperius's

Fruit: No texture, never spawns

Game: No texture, never spawns

Language (Random village name): All cities are named .

This tribe is for purposes of showing my tribe-making format but as well to what a test tribe would be like, imagine playing with it and having literally no resources. You'd have to attack another tribe at early game and kill them with warriors or get a far away village in another biome that does have resources. Eventually you'd be able to get roads, ports and the spiritualism tech and connect cities, get population by ports, and grow forests in your biome and turn them to farms, however the forests would be invisible as they have no texture. It'd be a challenge and also weird.