Shuvia is a fan-made tribe that is based on people from India.


Shuvia's clothes are colored saffron and their heads are draped in a saffron cloth around their heads.

Fruit: Papaya

Forests: Banyan Trees

Animal: Tiger

Fields: Brown Dirt

Mountains: Large piles of Dirt.

Cities: saffron and green with straw roofs.


Beautiful Banyan Trees and many surface gold help the Shuvia survive the harsh conditions in polytopia, but will they be able to take over the other tribes?

Shuvia start with the "Mining" tech, and are surrounded by many mountains.

Shuvia cities normally start with the prefixes Beng, Chen, Jai, Chandi, Nag, Amrit, Raj and Shim and end with the suffixes bad, bai, pur, sar, rai, rao, gar, and nai.