The Shenabe are a fan made tribe of polytopia, created by the FANDOM users Dragonclaw42 and Aubuts24. It is based of Native American culture (specifically North-West). They are considered to be a quite strong tribe due to the fact that their starting technology is Spiritualism.

Fan-Made Description (Made by Oaskldk):

"The Shenabe live in a plentiful mixture of forest and field, blessed with fruits to gather and game to hunt. Because of this beautiful native land, the Shenabe have developed an advanced religious system to please the native spirits in order to keep their home.

The Shenabe start out with the Spiritualism tech."

Appearance Edit

Game: Deer

Forest: Classic oblong sphere tree with green, brown and yellow leaves.

Fruit: Strawberry

Fields: Imperius fields but with brown and orange patches

Mountains: Xin-xi mountain with a much more rounded top.

Color: Light Orange/Light Brown(Color of feather)

Helmet: Dark brown hair with feather in top right corner

City: Small huts made of fur and wood.

Spawn Research Edit

Forest: 50%

Game: 75% (37.5% overall)

Field: 40%

Fruit: 60% (24% overall)

Crop: 20% (8% overall)

Mountain: 10% (In clumps of 3-4, like a mountain range.)

Metal: 20% (2% overall)

Fish: 40%

Whales: 15%