The Scyithis tribe is a tribe for experienced players who have gotten three stars on

all four main tribes, it is like a reward, it can not be bought through transactions.

The Scyithis tribe starts off with no starting tech, but instead has its own little tech

tree. Its first skill is jumping, it allows Scythians to jump across a one block of water space. The

last skill they have is precision.Precision allows you to have mounted archers on top of normal horses.

Their mountians are completely snowy, all the visible rock is black, and they have no

forests, an homage to the real Scythians who lived in grasslands.

The Scythians animals are wolves.

the Scythians villages are little straw huts compacted together into a super village.

Also Scythians don't have philosophy as a tech. Also this tribe is not available in multiplayer, but is available in pass and play and all modes of single player.


The Scythians are an honored nomadic people who are the lords of the Steppes and are fierce in battle. Starts off with nothing, but has exclusive tech.

Scythia tribe

Scythian picture.