The Rococoro are fierce cannibals and slavemasters, normally they'd wait for some innocent adventurers to come across their islands.. But now they're up for global domination!

Rococoro start with Navigation.

Rococoro spawn rates Edit

15% Mountains

5% Mountains w/ ore

15% Land

5% Land w/ fruit

25% Forest

25% Forest w/ game

Rococoro appearance Edit

Villages: White palm wood huts decorated with skulls, skull effigies, bones laying around, with spiked leaves as roof

Mountains: Round white rock volcanoes

Forests: White palm trees with very spiked neon green leaves

Land: Completely white dirt with neon green grass

Fruit: Coconut

Game: Polytopian person template (yes, they eat AND ride them)

Hat: Wearing polytopian skulls

Color: Mint (green-white)

Language (random village names): Ro Co Cho Po O Lo Ho Cor Toc Roc Choc Bon I