Welcome to the Polytopia Fan-Made Tribes Rewritten WikiEdit

This is the Polytopia Fan-made Tribes Rewritten Wiki! This is a wiki dedicated to the fan-made tribes of Polytopia. Please contribute to this, as its creation is still in progress.

FMTOTW (Fan-made tribe of the week): Aatilon

Polytopia TribesEdit

This is the wiki where you can create tribes that Polytopia fans think of existing, and are worthy of being on the game, or at least be recognized and appreciated, especially for the fan tribe creators, who coped with much hate, especially on the Polytopia wiki for not posting on forums.

Latest activityEdit

By Notmic127

I think we should have a Polynesian tribe even though this world is based with tribes learning most technologies that we learnt before AD and the research about Polynesians occuring from 1200 years ago from the present but I think we can still add this tribe because of the technology they learnt during the last 1200 years was just like the rest of the tribes. My special ability I have chosen for them is that they get a free upgrade to their ship or +1 movement on water or they learnt fishing.

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