The Paramas are a fan-made tribe created by Ifrodos. They are based off current venezuelan culture.

Description/s Edit

Fan-madedescription(made by IFrodos):

A long time ago, the Ninauna tribe was driven out from Paradise Valleys by the Kickoo.The remaining Paramas clan vowed revenge. They learned to grow the fertile trees to survive on wasteland. And now, after a hundred years, they recruited a huge army of knights returned to take revenge.

Fan-made description(made by Slayer911):.

The Paramas live in the rocky canyons, surviving easily even with the hot, arid climate that surrounds, they have learned to grow lush and terraform their windy lands.

  • Fruit: Cranberry.
  • Land: Canyon.
  • Forests: Pine, semi withered.
  • Animals: Coyote.
  • Montains: Canyon cliff.
  • Cities: Dark brown huts with colorful banners that look like their shawls.
  • Helmet: Light metal helmet and colorful shawl worn on face.
  • Color: Neon orange (Orange, but more reddish.)