Nomadis are an ancient African based tribe, they don't start with any tech, but they have one extra tech called "nomadism" we will get to that later

Fruit: Horned cucumber

trees: Acacia

Cities: clay and straw

animals: Ostrich

fields: tan and grassy

mountains: similar to imperious but no snow.

normal units: Dark skinned with mask on along with red and green clothing

Super unit: dark skinned but has unique angry mask.

Nomadism: nomadism allows a cavalry or defender unit place down a camp, camps have health, and only have 2 health. Camps can train up to 2 more units, but each camp cost 20 stars, the cost goes up 2 every 5 turns: nomadism costs 10 stars from 0 to 20 turns and 20 from 20 to 100000000000000000000000000000

This is not meant to be stereotypical of the African American populus. I just thught this would be a unique tribe. Also they are put in nonhuman tribe category because of their extra tech. cost is 0.99 cents.