The odd and shy Nauru hid under the crust of the square for ages and have found the surface at last. Now endangered and with many more resources at their disposal will they adapt to this new world or face extinction?

The Nauru have a modified tech tree

(Mining is replaced by Colonizing. It deletes mines but gives the player the ability to build Colony Hives in mountains with ore, Colony Hives let you spawn a max of 2 units like a level 1 village but doesn't make tech more expensive. Meditation is replaced by Harvesting, which deletes mountain temples but lets you turn a mountain with ore into a Harvest Hive, which gives you 1 star per turn like a level 1 village but doesn't make tech more expensive. Nauru have a Princess instead of a Giant for a super unit, a Princess has 5 attack, 1 defence, 3 movement, 40 health, and 1 range. It looks like a normal Nauru Swordsman but has small insect wings, a yellow sword and a yellow crown.)

Nauru spawn rates Edit

Meta-chart (2)

Mountains: 40%

Mountains/Ore: 10%

Plains: 5%

Plains/Fruit: 20%

Forest: 20%

Forest/Game: 5%

Nauru appearance Edit

Color: Dark Blue

Hat: Nauru have yellow in their eyes' white, and have blue skin with antennae.

Villages: Bee-like and ant-like hives, with honeycombs and houses/cabins made out of beewax-like materials.

Forests: Very tall yellow grass

Mountain: Anthill

Land: Completely light brown

Fruit: Two big blue flowers

Game: Giant dragonflies

Language: Ma Na Ha Ru Nu Du Me Ne He Re Ra Bzu Bza Bze Buz Baz Bez (Special: Names tend to end with an U)