The Narvicia is a fan-made tribe made by The Filipino Kickoo. The tribe appears to resemble Spanish culture. Their colour is olive gree and their starting tech Philosophy. Their game is wild goat and their fruit is tomato (Even though these didn´t arrive in Europe until the 16th century. Their forests are Canary Island junipers sparsely covering the land.


The Narvicia live in the warm, oceanic region of the square, where they learn and educate their people about the power of philosophy. A diplomatic,peace-seeking tribe,Narvicia developed their faith in the path of enlightenment with their culture after being split between the Oumaji and Imperius which resulted in them hating both tribes. They reunited after rebelling from both tribes and now they vow to end both tribes.

Appearance:Sombrero Narviciano/Bandanna covering mouth

A.I. Description:Usually friends with all except Imperius and Oumaji,if the AI hates you it will mass-produce Mind-benders and Riders(sometimes Knights if economy is capable).

Starts with Mind-Bender

The Narvicia start with the philosophy tech.

Langauge Edit

The Narvician language is similar to Spanish/Portuguese language of the real world.

Syllables used by Narvicia:

Te, Eao, Gao, Gut, Jao, Tier, Lao, Nasci, Ment, Son, sa

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