The Molein have lived in the lush valleys of the square for centuries, but now plan to emerge from their homes and face the outside world, with the intention to rule. The Molein start the game with the Chivalry tech

Designs (I don't have photoshop, and I can't bother to do it on Gimp (I would welcome a tutorial)

Hats- A run of the mill Mongolian hat, but in polytopia style. ( Square, with fur round the edges and a spike in the middle )

Tribal colour- Navy Blue

Ground- A greyish green shake of grass, with dark grey soil.

Mountains- Like a mix of Luxidors or Ix-In's, the design of Ix-In, but starts the colour of their grass at the bottom before becoming grey.

Fruit- Lettuce

Animals- Sheep

Tree's- Like Ani-Mo's, but with the occasional stump or leafless tree, and swords sticking out of all the tree's.

City's- Cream coloured brick huts, with straw roofs. When the city reaches level 5, the new additions have Ix-In style houses, but made of cream coloured stone and with green tinted grey roofs.

Eye of god- A giant spike, made of cream coloured stone. (like the Ani-Mo's tower of wisdom)

Alter of peace- A stereotypical Asian temple, but with a green tinted grey roof and made out of cream coloured stone.

Gate of power- A ( very ) large gate, decorated with skulls, and made of cream coloured stone.

Tower of wisdom- A triangle with it's top sliced off, with a statue of somebody reading from a scroll, and made from the same stone as everything else.

Emperor's tomb- An overgrown statue of somebody holding a sword towards the sky, coated with gold, but with it peeling off in places.

Park of fortune- a bunch of tree's ( no swords or stumps) surrounding ( yet another ) statue, made of normal stone this time.

If theirs anything I've missed, be sure to tell me, or make your own design that fits their architecture.


Lots of mountains, a few sheep, but with little forests, farmland or fruit to pay off for their tech. Not many mountains have ore, and they spawn a fair way inland.

Tribal Music

Deep drums, beating slowly, but get faster over time, before looping back again