The Masin have been blessed with a land filled with valuable resources and delicious fruit. Will they use it properly to rise or be taken over by another tribe for their sacred riches?

Masin starts the game with a biome saturated with resources.

Masin spawn rates Edit

0% Mountains

20% Mountains w/ ore

0% Land

40% Land w/ fruit

0% Forest

40% Forest w/ game

Masin appearance Edit

Color: Greenish Blue (Stronger than Ai-Mo, Lighter than Moriton)


Hat: Cornucopia

Villages: Mossy cobblestone castles and huts, with several fountains, pools and vines hanging.

Mountains: High rectangular mossy cobblestone waterfalls

Forests: High rectangular trees with flat tops

Land: Grass is blueish green and dirt is gray like the mossy cobblestone

Fruit: Yellow apples

Game: Greenish blue snake

Language (random village name): Ad Ed An En Va E Sa Je Tan Ho