L'Oradouer is a fan-made tribe created by the Filipino Kickoo. This tribe is based off France.

Fan-made description:(made by the Filipino Kickoo)

A castaway tribe from the Imperius,the L'Oradouer clan had developed a unique cultrue and a navy in their new, beautiful homeland. They are seeking revenge on the tribe that cast them off the Imperian plains.

They tend to be friendly with other players but often prepares a massive navy.


Trees:Luxidoor trees but lower leaves with branches poking out

Mountains:Imperius but without the side peaks

Land Color:Green

Hat/Armor:L'Oradouer Navy Hat

Capital Spire:Default with blue roof and fleur de lys

Starting Tech: Sailing


City Format:Hoodrick-style exterior with blue roofs and fleur de lys, Imperian pillars on bottom

Starts with Warrior with immediate battleship upgrade

Capital usually spawns near a body of water or on an island (sometimes 1x1)

Shieldman is replaced by Shield Royale (Shield with blue background and fleur de lys in the center)

Please help with design photos,my iPad can't use the photo format required.Thank you.