Julanoma (fan-made tribe)

Creator: Polygonseverywhere


"Living in harsh deserts, lush jungles, and sandy beaches, the Julanoma tribe enjoy lives of rich variety, enjoying daily freedom in the sun, they start with the spiritualism tech."


-The Julanoma tribe are based off of the early dynasty's of Oman.


Game: Ibex.

Fruit: Coconuts.

Mountains: Round layered cliffs of sandy rock.

Field: Sand with pointed rocks poking out of the surface.

Forests: Sparse grove of Acadia and Oleander trees.

Cities: White and Sandy colored bricks in a cube format with light brown flat roofs and some windows.


Mostly shoreline, capital is bound to start with at least one water tile, farmland, fields, and fruits are common with little game or forests and a moderate number of mountains.