Guaycul Edit

The Guaycul are a fan made tribe of Polytopia, created by the FANDOM users Bocajuniorsball, Guaycul and Bolitas1. They are based of the cultures of different rainforests in South and Central America such as Chocó, Amazon, Pantanal and Gran Chaco.

Appearance Edit

Game: Toucan

Fruit: Cantaloupe

Mountain: Large, Gradual hills with rainforest

City: Huts made of Dark Brown Dirt bricks with reed roof.

Field: Tropical green field.

Forest: Banana trees (Without bananas)

Tech/Advantage: Forestry

Game play Edit

The Guaycul usually have very mountainous terrain. They have large amounts of forests, but not many fields. Their fields usually are farmable. Guaycul's cities have a tendency to spawn inland, however they are usually not too far from the coast.