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his design

He is a special tribe and costs 5 €

  • history

They are people who have come to the past but their time machine 🅱roke. Edit

  • Desription 

They live in a city of advanced technology. 

The animals are cyborg animals, That take four stars to kill. Give two pop.

The mines are generators. 

  • special abilities

If the city has a wall, it deals 1-3 damage to Enimies Upon entering the city.

+ 1 population in ALL the cities for gaining a total of 300 stars at one time. (only done once.)

troops :

warriors are regular, cyborg design.

swordsman has a heavy steel blade, hard to protect himself. +1 damage, -1 defense.

giant : beast made out of scrap metal and wires. 30 health, +1.5 damage

catpult : hurls ball of steel. +2 damage, -1 movement (unless they can only move one), -1 range, -1 defense.

shields: The strongest men use shields to bash enimies while still defending. +1 damage 

Rdier: Metal horse with warrior on top. -1movement, +1 defense.

avanced cavalery : + 2 damage, -1 movement , persist + dash, -0.5 defense. 

archery :+ 1 damage -1 defense

battleship: +1 range, -1 movement,–1.5 attack, -1.5 defense, no longer has 5x5 sight.

The capital glows bright, shining through some nearby clouds.

and click on him you can by the tech military revolution for 45 stars. Builds any random unit for the next 5 turns.

chance of giant once.