Feretta description:

After decades of might their tribe was destroyed by a giant disaster. They rise again to reclaim the lands and power they once owned! Will they stand a chance in this new world?

Feretta start with Mining.

Feretta spawn rates:

5% Mountains

35% Mountains w/ ore

8% Land

2% Land w/ fruit

40% Forest

10% Forest w/ game

Ferreta appearance:

Villages: Makeshift rusted metal houses, with metal rebars, metal sheets, ect.

Mountains: Giant piles of trash and junk like tires, cars, paper, random metal and plastic parts.

Forests: Skyscrapers and buildings with vines hanging from sides and broken windows

Land: Red+Brown+Black, no grass only dirt like Vengir

Fruit: Beetroot

Game: Stray dogs

Masin description:

The Masin have been blessed with a land filled with valuable resources and delicious fruit. Will they use it properly to rise?

Masin starts the game with a lot of resources.

Masin spawn rates:

10% Mountains

10% Mountains w/ ore

10% Land

35% Land w/ fruit

5% Forest

30% Forest w/ game

Masin appearance:

Villages: Mossy cobblestone castles and huts, with several fountains, pools and vines hanging.

Mountains: High rectangular mossy cobblestone waterfalls

Forests: High rectangular trees with flat tops

Land: Grass is blueish green and dirt is gray like the mossy cobblestone

Fruit: Cornucopia

Game: Greenish blue snake