After centuries of domination, the Ferreta tribe was destroyed by a unforseen cataclysm. They rise once more to reclaim the lands and might they once possessed! But will they stand a chance in this new and alien world? The Feretta start the game with a modified tech tree.

The Ferreta are a special tribe, and have destroyed buildings instead of forests. This means that you cannot burn forests or build lumber huts, but instead destroy them for stars and population.

Feretta spawn rates Edit

5% Mountains

35% Mountains w/ ore

8% Land

2% Land w/ fruit

40% Forest

10% Forest w/ animals

Ferreta appearance Edit

Villages: Makeshift rusted metal houses, metal rebars, metal sheets, ect.

Mountains: Giant piles of trash and junk like tires, cars, paper, random metal and plastic parts.

Forests: Skyscrapers and buildings with vines hanging from sides and broken windows

Land: Red+Brown+Black, no grass only dirt like the Vengir

Fruit: Beetroot

Animals: Stray dogs

Hat: Red bandit bandanna

Color: Dark red

Language (random village name): Er An Te Ra Ul Tra Me Tal Ta Te Met Mat Ret Rat Ren Ran

Categories: Tribes Fan-made

Credit to Teampoly for bad art.


Credits to Polluted Kickoo.