I want to propose something good for this wiki:

Fanmade tribe tiers.

Fanmade tribes can be rated by only REGISTERED users (not anonymous users) and you can't rate your own tribe.

Tier 4 Edit

Tier 4 fanmade tribes are the worst of the worst, they are terrible on all senses. They can be:

  • Extremely OP tribes that you wouldn't see in canon polytopia at all
  • Ridiculous and stupid biome and appearances
  • It already exists and seems like an outright bootleg copy of another fanmade tribe or canon tribe and just doesn't seem good or original and creative at all

Tier 3 Edit

Tier 3 fanmade tribes aren't bad, but they don't stand out much

  • A bit similar to other tribes, for example, Shenabe and the Australian native tribes. In this case since Shenabe was made first, the other tribes would be Tier 3
  • Doesn't have concept art yet
  • Is a special tribe but isn't mystic or magical
  • Is not quite finished yet
  • Doesn't have an unique color

Tier 2 Edit

Tier 2 fanmade tribes are good and stand out and are almost "done"

  • They have good art or images ect.
  • They could have a theme song*, doesn't matter if it was took from a movie, music ect.
  • They could have ambient sounds*
  • They could have a language AKA village name randomizer*
  • They have a original appearance
  • They have an original color
  • They have a good description

Tier 1 Edit

Tier 1 are finished tribes like the legendary Marinoo, work was put into them and they can be considered done

  • They have everything with a * and a could in Tier 2
  • They could have a mod or they could working on a mod for the tribe
  • The tribe is up to canon tribe expectations and could be added to the game and seem just like a canon tribe
  • Polytopia youtubers like Sebo or PolytopiaGaming could have talked or mentioned it or know about it
  • Midjiwan could have seen it

Note that EVERYTHING with a could is optional, it adds extra points but it is not necessarily needed, however the ones without could are obligatory to advance

Tier 0 Edit

The fanmade tribe was straight up added to the game or a canon tribe was based off yours.

  • Added to game or a tribe based off it was added
  • Midjiwan knows about the tribe
  • Polytopia youtubers like Sebo or PolytopiaGaming have talked or mentioned it in its videos