The Evera are fan-made tribe and they are based on Bhutan and Nepal countries. They are special tribe. The Evera have unique units and different tech tree.

Description: Edit

The Evera tribe is very good at climbing,

because why not! Oh maybe because

they are living on mountains! They start with

special unit "Hooker".

Evera spawn rates: Edit

20% Mountains Edit

20% Mountains with ore Edit

20% Forest Edit

10% Forest with animals Edit

10% Land Edit

10% Land with fruit Edit

Evera appearance: Edit

Villages: Cobble-ice houses

Mountains: like bardur mountains, but not very spiked, tall and strong like

Land: frozen, snow

Water: water is frozen and tribe can move on it

Forests: pine trees are far away from other, snow covered

Fruit: Hemps little snow covered

Animal: Llama, they noses are little bit frozen (Riding: Llama with red carpet and red earrings)

Hat: Red Bandanas with white dot or white-red hood

Color: white-red

Village names (Language): Nathu La, Ladakh, Malahu, Karakorum, Heyal Ko

New: Edit

Super unit: Yeti

New unit: Hooker

Upgraded Tech tree

Yeti Stats:

Attack 4

Defence 4 (4,5)

Movement 1

Health 25

Range 1

Skills: When kills gives him 2 hp, when stay on mountain Movement 2

Hooker Stats:

Attack 2

Defence 1

Movement 1

Health 10

Range 1

Skills: he can see nearby mountains (3 blocks), he can move he's enemies to he (2 blocks)

Tech Tree:

---( Hooking and ability to build roads on mountains

Climbing ---(Mining ^ ---(Smithery

Organize ---(Shields ---(Ability to melting frozen lakes, ability to have defense on foreshore

End: Edit

Sorry for all orthography! - BlacuSS