The Ehdia are a fan-made tribe. Despite being only released to the wiki recently, they have been in the works since February. They are based off of Canada. The Ehdians start with the Forestry tech.

Tribe Name Ehdia
Starting Tech Forestry
Creators MilkandVinegar, Zebastian1 and that american guy Oaskldk
Colour Strawberry Lemonade

Here is the description:

The Maple Leaf, our emblem dear, The Maple Leaf forever;

O, save the square, and Midjiwan bless,

The Maple Leaf, Forever!

Appearance + Info Edit


Fruit: Cranberries

Land: Brown and covered in lichen

Forests: Maple (Autumn)

Animals: Moose

Mountains: Similar to Xin-Xi, but with rounded summits

Cities: Victorian Style, burgundy with a white log trim on the edges

Helmet: Mountie Stetson Fedora, maple leaf emblazoned on front

Demonym: Ehdians

Native Land: Ehdian Shield

Personality Edit

The Ehdians are proud people, quick to make friends. They prefer to remain neutral and will build up their borders with units, even on allied borders. They do not stand for oppression and are enemies of any tribe that destroys or attempts to destroy another. Their land is 1/3 forest, 1/6 mountain, 1/6 water, 1/6 fruit, in algorithm.

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