Aatilon Edit

Aatilon is a fan-made tribe created by The Bhalk. They are based of hun or hungarian culture.

Color Ocher
Tech Chivalry
Price Free!

Appearance Edit

Field: darker green

Animal: Deer

Fruit: Potato because why not

Mountain: green like the fields and not so high

Forest: Robinia

City: Yurts, but on top of each other

Head: Green painted face (not based on William Wallace), black hair with two ocher feathers in it.

Tech: Chivalry (modified), doesn't spawn with a knight.

Gameplay Edit

The Aatilon has lots of Forests and not much Mountains. They have a modified Knight unit, not having the ability to persist but having a range of two. So they are Archer-Riders.

Side Note Edit

The appearance of the Aatilon tribe don't look like the huns, huns look more like mongolians. And yes, huns and hungarians are really not the same.

Aatilon face